Concrete Repair

SealBoss ® 6060 Spall Repair

The SealBoss ® 6060 Products provide high strength Fast Floor Spall Repair and Floor Crack Repair solutions.

SealBoss® 6060 QuickFix Spall Repair is an advanced polyurethane formulated, low viscosity, rapid set, high strength, ultra low viscosity, self-leveling, two component, 1:1 ratio by volume, 100% solids repair material. This strong and rigid material has been designed to fix spalled concrete surfaces and cracks and to rebuild damaged control joints effectively and quickly. SealBoss® 6060 QuickFix works for concrete and asphalt repairs. The product penetrates into small cracks and forms a high strength adhesive bond between broken structures with the benefit of sealing the base against further erosion from water in outside applications. The tack free time is 5 to over 15 minutes depending on temperature. Exposure to sunlight (UV) may cause discoloration; however, the physical properties are virtually unaffected. SealBoss® 6060 QuickFix is slightly moisture sensitive and should be applied on dry surfaces. Please refer to our flexible products such as SealBoss® 6500 QuickFix for areas where movement is required. Ask your SealBoss® technician for details. The product is for professional use.