Solid Color Pigment


Ordering and stocking pigment is a great way to reduce inventory. Just inventory pigments and order clear as needed, you will no longer have half filled buckets of useless colors cluttering up your warehouse.  Use 6-7 oz per blended gallon as a base color for full flake or quartz systems.  If a deeper and richer color is desired, add more pigment.   Lighter colors may need more pigment, you can add up to 10 oz per blended gallon.  If making a 3 gallon batch for a full broadcast flake floor for example, and you are using 7 oz per blended gallon, you would use 21 oz of pigment.  When pigmenting a 3 gallon mix for example, pour one gallon of the Part B into a measuring bucket.  Then add the desired amount of pigment, (18 30 oz) and blend.  Then take the Part A of the product, and pour it up to the 3 gallon mark and blend again until thoroughly mixed.  You will have a 2:1 blend.  

*Sold in 32 oz. U.S. Quarts