Technical Data
• Power Requirements: Three-phase / 460v / 15 amp
• Weight: 650 lbs
• Motor: 8.5 hp
• AirFlow: 400 CFM
• Waterlift/Hg: 120”/8.5”
• Warranty: One Year

CAT-5 HEPA Extractor Vacuum

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The Cat-5 Dust Extractor’s design helps you maintain focus on the job and not downtime. This system’s pleated primary filter elements, with non-stick coatings, have excellent dust release to prevent filter blinding and motor overheating. It has a unique backwash system where 100% of the backwash goes directly to the bag creating no down time beating on the filter. The HEPA filter has three times more usable surface area than other comparable vacuums allowing for a greater amount of airflow while capturing more debris. Compatible with Cat-5 Dust Interceptor Continuous bagging system for easy clean-up Large diameter dump valve means faster discharge time for the collected dust Heavy duty welded frame construction with powder coated finish One of the most efficient vacs on the market generating a 120” waterlift on 400 CFM More suction with less stress to the motor