Concrete Grinders

ACS offers propane and electric surface prep and polished concrete floor grinders in a variety of widths to meet the needs of contractors throughout the USA.

With over 8 years in production in Tennessee, CPS is proud to offer the latest update to our #1 selling propane powered surface preparation and polishing machine. The G320DPro Grinder! Enhanced with a molded low-profile water tank which gives the operator a clearer line of sight to the work area and a pivot point that allows tipping the machine back for tool change-out’s with ease. It also has a removable lower plate allowing easy maintenance without complete machine disassembly.
The main pulley drum spins one direction while the satellite heads spin the opposite direction making the machine well balanced reducing operator fatigue and its 3 satellite head design allows for a more consistent contact of the tools to the floor, even in deep low spots.


The G-250XTP has the same lightweight frame and narrow profile as the standard G-250 for easy operation in tight spaces. It is designed for heavy duty grinding on smaller scale projects, and removes aggressive coatings. Its innovative three-head design enables the machine to roll with the contours of the floor, while the multi-speed setting option gives peak productivity. The heavy duty G-250XTP design is intended for long life and easy rebuild when necessary. • Propane powered • Narrow, lightweight frame • Three-head design contours to the floor • Weights are attached to the frame • Great for heavy-duty applications, wet or dry Technical Data Grinding Pressure 390 - 462 lbs Grinding Width 25” Weight 600 lbs Motor 18 hp Engine Speed Variable to 3,600 RPM