Bryon Hendricks: Nothing Common about Polished Concrete

Bryon Hendricks: Nothing Common about Polished Concrete

Posted by Bryon Hendricks on Jan 9th 2018

In the beginning concrete polishing was a wondrous thing and you needed to get directly involved with the equipment manufacturer to learn and purchase your equipment and ancillaries. in the middle it was a war of chemical and equipment manufacturers teaming up and writing specifications. Now the industry has been moving towards distribution. 

Distributors are now across the country making alliances with chemical manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and various tooling manufacturers.  The experience is varied, from standard distribution with only the knowledge of the manufacturer, big box stores with very limited knowledge, to the specialty houses that are directly involved within the industry. 

The specialty houses across the country have employees with hands on knowledge.  These companies may have been started from the very pioneers of the industry all the way down to the person who operated the polishing equipment for years.  In ether case, these are the distribution groups that are benefiting the industry the most. Equipment, tooling, chemicals are not all the same.  

We have used the various equipment, the massive array of tooling and chemicals.  In every industry that is successful you will find that many manufacturers and even other industries jumping in to get their share.  From janitorial supply chains to small hand tool suppliers.  It is important to know that those with the experience have used the majority of these chemicals, tooling, and equipment.  Aligning yourself and your company with a distributor with actual hands on knowledge of this industry is very important to your growing business.

Architectural Concrete Supply is capable of supplying equipment, tooling, chemicals, and methods that have been experienced in the field.  We have opened our doors to the nation with the launch of our new eCommerce site and look forward to serving you and increasing your profits.

If you have looked at equipment, tooling, and chemicals you can just simply trust that the product offerings we have available are Made in America, have been proven by years of experience and when you get them on your site you will see first hand why we have chosen these lines. They work better than the rest, are cost efficient, and will increase your productions and profits.